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  • Artima S.A. , which was established in 2006, is a trading company where its dynamics, flexibility and high goals made it stand out in a very short period and create new product categories that until then did not exist in the Greek market.

    The great experience of the owners combined with their fresh and innovative ideas in the food sector, made the company to be one of the biggest and main suppliers in Retail and Horeca market , within 10 years.

    In the privately owned premises of the company, there is established a cheese cutting, slicing, grating and packaging factory that enables the company to further expand its range and meet the needs and market requirements. Artima is primarily dealing with dairy products (cheese, milk, butter). The huge range of the company extends also to other food sectors such as pastries (like crepes, bread toast, frozen pies for Greek souvlaki), biscuits, frozen vegetables, desserts and catering products.

    It is one of the first companies in Greece which created private label in the cheese sector. Today Artima is producing private labeled products for many businesses - supermarkets in Greece and abroad. Its dynamics and evolution level has led to a doubling of the number of its employees in the last 3 years.

    At the same time Artima company has created a strong brand name (Royal) for imported cheeses, butters and milks that completed its product range. The brand names that are known all over Greece are: Royal, Rolanda, Royal Italiano, Royal Milk, Royal Professional, Artima, The Oreino, Oreini Crete, Petrano, Our Oreino milk, Oreino Horio, Elarti, Barba Giorgos, Lemnos, Proikas Sohos.

    Additionally, in Artima’s product range there are also many PDO cheese products under Artima’s private brand such as Oreini Feta, Oreini Graviera from Crete, Oreini Graviera from Naxos, Oreino Manouri, Oreini Kefalograviera, Kasseri as well as other best quality products from all over Greece.



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